Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This blog should ideally serve as a forum for the free expression of reasoned and rational insight into the realm of international relations. Through an analysis of past and present events, our goal should be to evaluate the applicability of theory in general, as well as the applicability of specific theories to the field. While my own bias is towards the “third image” realism of such thinkers as Waltz and Mearsheimer, I also believe the acknowledged limits of realism can be supplemented by “second” and “first image” theories of international relations. To paraphrase Joseph Nye, the international system has traditionally been conceptualized in terms of a two-dimensional chessboard. However, with the introduction of international regimes, non-governmental organizations, transnational corporations and international terrorists exercising increased influence in the international system, this two dimensional concept seems to require a third to cope with such developments. Given the diversity of thought within the internet, I suspect there should be no problem encountering a variety of ideas about how the world operates.

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